Small Groups

For a short time each day children will break into 3 small groups called Gumnuts, Wattles and Banksias. These groups are organised according to children age and development. Small group times are led by a single teacher where intensive learning experiences are intentional and supported for more focused teaching and learning opportunities.

During this time a variety of age appropriate experiences are set out for the children to engage in such as stories, literacy and maths games, music and movement.

Gumnuts Group

These are the youngest children attending preschool (2.5 - 3.5 years). This group focuses on learning to sit with peers in a group to develop attention span, language development such as talking and listening skills.

Wattles Group

These children are aged between our Gumnuts and Banksia children attending preschool (3.5 - 4.5years). This group extends on the concepts learned in the Gumnut group with more challenging experiences to further develop your child’s thinking skills.

Banksias Group

These children are our oldest children attending preschool. (4.5 - 6 years) who will definitely transition to school the following year. This group focuses on the skills required for school and developing independence, self-help, resilience and confidence.


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April 2020

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