Our Mission Statement

To educate and care for preschool aged children in a high quality environment where decisions made in partnership with children and families are at the centre of our approach.

Our values

Relationships are central to what we do therefore here at Marks Point Preschool we feel it is important to create an environment where children can learn and develop key core values that will lead to positive attitudes towards learning and to become confident, self-assured citizens of our community. One’s individual values influence decisions, interactions and relationships thus we feel that instilling core values in our children can lead to positive outcomes for all. Creating this environment builds a place where everyone feels like they are appreciated and belong.

Within a school context education not only focuses on academics but providing children with a context that promotes and fosters positive interactions and values. Children can then carry these core values through to adulthood. We hope to work in partnership with our families and community to teach the following values to our children.


Learning the value of respect is important to us here at Marks Point Preschool as we feel this is crucial to developing positive relationships. Learning and showing respect is to consider and appreciate others, their points of view, values and beliefs and understanding that others have the rights to have a different point of view while still maintaining self-respect for one’s own rights and views.


Resilience is the power to recover from things that may present as a challenge or hurdle to us and being able to adopt or “bounce-back” to new situations or adversity that may prove to be a difficult situation or experience. This does not mean that children do not express their feelings but learn to manage strong feelings and having the coping strategies to move forward. Here at Marks Point Preschool we continue to encourage our children to be resilient and persist to become who and what they want to be.


Being accountable for one’s own actions is an important life skill. By taking time to think about and being accountable for our own individual choices, decisions and actions and how they relate and affect others builds one’s ability to be responsible for themselves. At Marks Point Preschool, we feel it important to not only teach and model responsible behaviours but appreciate their capabilities and give children responsibilities. This is seen throughout the day when children help others, make independent choices, take on jobs and roles and become “monitors” for the day.


Honesty is an important factor in trusting and building relationships, therefore at Marks Point Preschool teaching children the importance of telling the truth, being sincere and ‘just’ builds ones ’morals to act truthfully and honestly to oneself and others.


To be mindful of others and to act with concern, being friendly, caring, warm and accepting are important factors for all people to display towards one another. Focusing on the wellbeing of others has also been proven to lead to inner happiness and being less self-centred.  An environment where everyone displays kindness builds a welcoming community where everyone is valued and belongs and this is what Marks Point Preschool aims to achieve with teaching the values of kindness.

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