Enrolment - Where do I start?

The first step to enrolment is to register your interest in attending our service by completing and returning a Wait list Application or making contact via telephone. The wait list form can be completed digitally below, printed from our downloadable documents or have one emailed to you and returned via post or in person or at the preschool.

Once this application is submitted, as places become available children next in line and following our priority access guidelines will be offered positions.

Our annual intake for the following year begins in the August/ September so if you are interested in care to begin at the start of the next year please ensure that wait forms are in by the end of July.

Places do become available from time to time during the year so places can be offered to next waiting as they arise.

Should you decide to accept a position with the Preschool you will be provided with an enrolment package and a pre-enrolment (orientation) visit organised.

Pre-enrolment Visits (orientation)

We understand that the first day of preschool is a milestone in the lives of both you and your child, we like to encourage our new families to take the opportunity of attending a pre-enrolment/ orientation visit with the preschool. This is your chance to come along and spend time with your child in their new environment helping them to prepare for the preschool experience. This will enable both families and children to experience the running of a “normal” day at preschool, without the added pressure of a farewell. We feel that this is an important part of the settling in process and for you and your child to meet with the educators and other children at the preschool. It is also an opportunity for the educators to begin to build a relationship with you both before the big day arrives. Any questions that you may still have at this stage can be attended to and all paperwork finalised.

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